Trade Discount Club!

We love getting new books in! As a thank you for doing this, you receive an amazing discount on your purchases!

How it works:

- Bring us books in good condition that are clean! No more than 2 banker box sizes at a time please! We process with you in store.

- We give you 25% of the lowest marked price in a credit coupon that we keep on file for you!

- Any books we do not accept you will take back with you.

- You shop for books and find great deals!

*Credit coupons can not be redeemed for cash or gift cards*

Readers under 18 must have their parent/guardian present to trade books. 

When you bring us books you pay* flat rates on the books you find in our store based on their type of binding:

- Hardcover: $2.00

- Paperback: $1.00

- Mass Market PB: $0.75

- Puzzles: $2.00 (seasonal item for cozy months).

*These prices are out-of-pocket prices via cash or credit/debit card.

We curate vintage and some rare titles as well. You may see a ‘PC’ or ‘NC’ under the price.

- PC: Partial credit, you may use credit to cover 50% of our price of the book.

- NC: No credit, this book is not available for use with the credit coupon.

FYI: We are no longer accepting the bookmark style trade slips or previous owner discount cards. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us. 


What kind of books do you take?

We have an assortment of genres and love all of them! That being said, we try to carry what our customer base is looking for. Listed below are genres and condition types of books we do not take in.

Genres we do not accept:

- Textbooks

- Magazines

- Diet

- Politics/Social Science 

Disqualifying conditions:

- Defaced books

- Moldy or dry rotted

- Overtly dirty/dusty books

- Books with smoke smell 

- Contemporary books without the dust jacket

- Chewed (animal or otherwise)

- Heavy writing

It is important that we curate a clean, fun mix of genres. Please be aware that if we have too much of a subject we might not take in all of the books that you bring in. If there is an issue with condition we cannot jeopardize the rest of our stock. We know it’s hard to think about, but if a book has had a long wonderful life sometimes it is time to let it go to book heaven instead of attempting to trade it.

What do you mean “pay” doesn’t my credit coupon cover the price of the books I want to buy?

This is our most asked question! Our store needs books constantly flowing through to keep our stock current and exciting. When people bring in books to trade we thank you by giving the biggest discount we can. The minimal price you pay, in cash debit or credit, per book helps us keep the lights on and our store open while giving you one of the best deals in town. (We compare the discount club pricing to our local thrift stores and our trade program is competitive to Entertainmart's).

Why do you want only two boxes at a time?

To ensure we can intake and process all books in a timely manner and have the space to do so. We also process the books with you present and will send any rejected books back with you, having a large quantity to sift through makes that difficult.

What do I do if I have a large amount of books that I need to move?

Give us a call! If you want to donate books and get them out of your storage unit or house we will gladly take them! We need a heads up that a large amount of books is coming our way, and often we will schedule a day to acquire them!

Do you take puzzles?

Starting October 2022 we are accepting puzzles that are known to have all their pieces and be in like new or fine condition. We will be giving a flat $5 credit for any puzzle we accept. Trades and donations accepted for puzzles will be ending at the end of October. Currently, we do not have any puzzles in store. This is a seasonal item for us.

Do you take donations?

We do! Please be mindful that we may not be able to intake all that you bring. Our guidelines for the discount club govern all books that we take in. As a side note, please do not leave books for us after hours. We appreciate your generosity but it clutters the area around our doors and leaves the books exposed to the elements.

Please be aware that we are NOT a 501-C3 so the books you give without receiving credit are not tax deductible and we do not give out receipts.

What if I can't come by during your business hours?

We understand that our open hours may not work for all. If you want to bring us books but can't make it during regular business hours, please call us or message us on social media. We appreciate you enough to either come in early, stay late or in special circumstances pick up books from your home! With that being said, please to NOT dump books on our doorstep after hours, even though it comes from a good place it causes a lot of work for us.

Are you still accepting previous owners punch cards or credit slips?

We do not accept the punch cards from when the store was Browsers. We have discontinued accepting the previous bookmark style credit slips as of October 2020.